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Bjornebo-Svalbard, a ski expedition to the far north

Arctic frozen landscapes, icy fjords, pollar bears…

Watch Unlikely Duo

Watch the new film Unlikely Duo with Majesty Athlete Eric Carter!

Ski poles features

MAJESTY skipoles ares built to meet expectations of skiers looking for specialisation, performance and quality.

When it all started

Part of our community have been with us from the very beginning, and some of you got to know us only recently.

Skis above 100 mm

Gear up for an unforgettable winter adventure with skis above 100mm!

The story of the Lumberjack

Back in 2009, in the heart of winter's realm, the Lumberjack, a new MAJESTY ski model, emerged as the new benchmark of powder skiing.

Néou Muga, a snowy border

This adventure is made by 2 French and 3 Spaniards united by the passion of Pyrenean skiing and sharing a bicultural experience.

Zuza - Far From The Peaks

The film shows an interesting and uncommon story of a girl who, despite lack of facilities, long distance from the mountains and many obstacles, thanks to her passion, realises her skiing dreams and reaches the world's top freeride skiers.

All-mountain Re//Defined

Experience skiing in a whole new light: Skiing isn't just a sport – it's a lifestyle, a culture, a design, and a whole lot of adventure. It's about freedom and pushing your limits while having a blast.

Support for the mountain rescuers

MAJESTY cooperates with the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service Foundation (Fundacja GOPR), creating a unique alliance in the service of mountain safety.

New Collection

For season 2023/24 we have prepared completely new All Mountain Range. We also have added new models to the Freeride Range and the Freeride Touring Range.

What is the purpose of Skis Re//Defined?

By organizing a nationwide contest, MAJESTY encourages its customers not to throw away skis that are no longer suitable for use but to hand them over to artists and designers for reuse through the brand.

Skis 4 Trees

At Majesty we stay closely connected with nature, which is why we pay special attention to the natural environment and its green areas that are shrinking at an alarming rate.


Located beyond the Arctic Circle, is the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago.

Goggles Features

MAJESTY goggles are equipped with functions and features that make a huge difference in comfort and performance

What is VLT?

The visible light transmission of ski goggles is an important factor in determining the amount of light that reaches the skier's eyes


For the 2023 season we added titanal reinforced, performance freeride skis to our hardgoods collection.

Friends on Powder Day

“No Friends on a Powder Day” is well known statement that is being quoted every time when big snowfall is expected.

Magnetic goggles

Ski goggles play an important part in skiing and other winter activities. They protect eyes from the elements, such as snow, wind, UV rays, while improving vision.

Freeski Re//Defined

MAJESTY’s new freeski range that is launching for the 2022/23 season utilizes all of our know-how and experience gained during the development of our specialized ski categories.

Touring Re//Defined

Touring is about weight conscious approach, all-around performance and high quality skiing in diverse terrain.

Śnieżka Expericence

Sněžka – the highest peak of the Karkonosze and Sudety with the absolute height of 1603 m above sea level.

Skis Re//Defined Contest

On July 1, 2022, the 1st edition of our Skis Re//Defined Contest for a utility design ended.

Gone Skiing to Kyrgyzstan

Tian Shan is a massive mountain range located in the southeastern part of Kyrgyzstan. Its highest peak - Jengish Chokusu (or formerly known as Pik Pobedy - Victory Peak) - is 7439 m high.

Sea to Summit

Last spring I rounded up some friends, and a bunch of Majesty equipment, our destination was an island in the north of Norway.

Freeride Touring in Japan

Spring skiing can be a fickle beast as fluctuations in temperatures and storms this time of year can be hard to read in terms of snow quality and safety.

Cold California

We titled this film “Cold California” but don’t get confused by it - from the coast to the mountains, it was shot in Poland.

Kamchatka Adventure

Salim, our brand ambassador from Russia and his crew had an amazing time skiing in Kamchatka, Russia.


Majesty skis are handcrafted at our factory in southern Poland. Our specialized product design team creates all...

Havoc Story

"I want to experience adventure skiing that is not limited by any boundaries. I need one pair of skis...

4x4 Concept

The 4Radius sidecut is the result of applying 4 different radiuses to the sidecut of the ski. This solution enabled us to...

Supernova Inspiration

We wanted to build lighter, faster and much more stable touring skis than ever before. The 1st prototype tests were held during very challenging snow conditions...


Bases are made of P-Tex (polyethylene plastic). Most base materials will be followed by a number. This number refers...