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Kamchatka Adventure

What a story! Salim, our brand ambassador from Russia and his crew had an amazing time skiing in Kamchatka, Russia. The region is renowned for its stunningly beautiful valleys and volcanoes with steep slopes covered by pure snow nearly all year around. This remote, volcanic region is prime terrain for year-round freeskiing and freeriding, where steep slopes of virgin powder offer breathtaking scenery and loads of thrill. The skiable terrain runs in all directions – down to the mountain lakes, toward the Pacific coast or around many hot springs. You can experience all of this in one spot, on the same day but sometimes, it's a great thing to have heli-backup. See for yourself!

*Salim skied on MAJESTY Superior skis - a perfect combo of float of rocker and control of the camber - lively in powder and shock-absorbing in rough terrain.