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The story of the Lumberjack.

Back in 2009, in the heart of winter's realm, the Lumberjack, a new MAJESTY ski model, emerged as the new benchmark of powder skiing.

With its mighty 120mm width and distinctively large rockers at the tips and tails, the Lumberjack swiftly earned a warm welcome from the skiing community. The Lumberjack quickly became the talk of the slopes, attracting a tribe of passionate skiers who reveled in its ability to conquer the most challenging powder tree runs.

This model became an instant classic and the Lumberjack's influence rippled through the skiing community, becoming a timeless reference for a perfect powder ski.

lumberjack timeline

Lumberjack skis are the true powder floating machines made to satisfy the constant urge to search for backcountry kickers, log slides and snow pillows. Rocker design supports easy spins in powder and effortless maneuvering between trees. Skiing powder switch, smooth landings, easy handling and surf feeling are all part of the Lumberjack package so jump for joy all you powder riders! Deep woods? High mountains? Bring ’em on!

Check out Vanguard Ti, the Lumberjack successor.

Vanguard Ti are successors of Lumberjack skis - they are high performance, twin-tip freeride skis that deliver stability, responsiveness, great power transmission and fluidity for your edge-to-edge skiing. Built for the most demanding freeriders and powder chasers, the Vanguard Ti’s 4Radius sidecut enables confident turns with improved stability and control in any terrain. The 4Radius rocker at the tips and tails enhances performance when surfing in powder while reducing drag, maximizing control and top speed.

Vanguard Ti

€ 799.00