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Supernova - the inspiration behind the MAJESTY Re//Defined touring range.

Touring Re//Defined started with the Supernova skis.

We wanted to build lighter, faster and much more stable touring skis than ever before. The 1st prototype tests were held during very challenging snow conditions in the Tatra mountains /Poland/ and then later in the spring in Roldal /Norway/. The task was to develop great skis for bad snow conditions that would deliver exceptional performance on the best days in the mountains. So far, the Supernova skis scored awards at tests organized by SkiRando Magazine, Powder Magazine and also at the Freeride Testival organized by Bergstolz Magazine. When it comes to real adventure skis, whether it is a trip to Røldal, Chamonix or Alaska, you just need one tool in your quiver. With the new Supernova Carbon skis you can now experience the future of high performance freetouring with just a single pair of skis in your quiver.


We have equipped the new Supernova skis with a paulownia wood core, full carbon-fiber layup and carbon-aramid fibers. This allowed us to build ultra-lightweight skis that support dynamic responsiveness and unmatched skiing stability even in the sketchiest weather and terrain conditions. We have additionally applied the COT technology (cut-off tail). By reducing the tail length and moving the skier's stance back, we have created quicker turning and more versatile skis. The notable length and weight reduction was achieved without compromising any functionality. In fact the Supernova’s usability has been increased - the longer contact edge allows you to ski even shorter skis than what has been previously considered functional.

Ski Touring Speed

A skilled skier equipped with the Supernova Carbon skis you can easily reach and ski down the highest of the distant mountains. The waist width around 100mm underfoot is provides a perfect balance between uphill and downhill performance. Due to the COT technology, skiing on the Supernova 177 is like skiing on regular skis that are approx. 185cm long. Since the Supernova can be chosen shorter than usual, it is much faster on the uphill climb. The fact that we have reduced the tail length and moved the skier back has made uphill kick turns faster. The Supernova Carbon is a super-light, highly specialized tool that successfully blurs the line between touring and freeride.

*to reach the best weight/performance ratio, the Supernova Carbon should be mounted with high-end, light tech bindings such as the Majesty/ATK R12.


We wanted to design skis that would be stable on hardpacked snow and playful in powder. Other touring skis available on the market were not only unstable on the downhill but also they never performed well in powder/soft-snow. The task was to build completely new skis that would be equipped with the tip rocker, flat tails and would use the full length of the contact edge. At the same time we wanted to maximize ski surface area while keeping the waist around 100mm underfoot. We have already used the COT technology and flat tail to improve the grip so the surface area in the tip section and the shape of the tip itself were a major consideration. At the end, we have built something that changes the perception of touring, freetour and freeride skiing. The Supernova Carbon skis are extremely versatile, precise, responsive and with its their remarkable edge grip, it skis skiextremely well in all conditions. They literally ski everything and hit all the marks as stand out performers, from shrilling hardpack to floating through powder.

With our new touring range for 2020/21 we applied years of know-how and experience gained from the development of the unique and revolutionary shape, profile and construction of our Supernova skis. We are now bringing something completely fresh and new to the market. With our new touring range, we are delivering high performance touring products for skiers who refuse to sacrifice performance for lightweight and vice versa.