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Friends on Powder Day

“No Friends on a Powder Day” is well known statement that is being quoted every time when big snowfall is expected. In our opinion, skiing powder with friends that you can rely on is the best skiing experience you can have. How about adjusting this slogan into "Friends on Powder Day”?

We are all different, have different skiing styles but we all want to experience adventure skiing that is not limited by any boundaries. You might ask: Is there one pair of skis that perform in all snow conditions? We are sure there is, but sometimes it is a different pair for every skier.

Product differentiation and specialization is a very important factor for MAJESTY as we want to offer the right selection of products as not every freeride skier is looking for the same type of skis.

Here is the selection of 4 models from different MAJESTY ski ranges.
They are all great powder tools for unforgotten powder days shared with friends:

Get your gear, call the crew and have an epic powder day!

Always wear an avalanche transceiver and use ABS backpack along with probe and shovel. Look out for your friends as they pick the best lines and descend into the deep snow. Have fun with "Friends on Powder Day"!