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Support for the mountain rescuers

MAJESTY cooperates with the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service Foundation (Fundacja GOPR), creating a unique alliance in the service of mountain safety. In addition to providing the highest quality equipment that can be used by mountain rescuers, MAJESTY actively supports GOPR Foundation, enabling effective action to support mountain rescue prevention activities carried out by the GOPR.

The MAJESTY team is involved in numerous training events, memorials and winter bivouacs organised by the GOPR Foundation. The joint effort in these events allows for the exchange of experience and building stronger bonds within the mountain rescue community. The cooperation between MAJESTY and GOPR Foundation is an example of synergy between the private sector and a non-profit organisation, where they jointly strive to ensure safety in the mountains.

This partnership is the fruit of both parties' commitment to goals that are bigger than just commercial - it's about protecting human life in difficult mountain conditions and taking the quality of rescue operations to the next level.