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What is the purpose of SKIS RE//DEFINED?

By organizing a nationwide contest, MAJESTY encourages its customers not to throw away skis that are no longer suitable for use but to hand them over to artists and designers for reuse through the brand. Such solutions make it possible to combine design with usability and show how to implement the circular approach to products in practice. Each of us, both companies and individual consumers, should think holistically in order to reduce the environmental impact of objects that surround us at every stage of their life.

The competition and the exhibition of competition entries are intended to encourage reflection on ways to promote the idea of sustainability and to inspire the exploration of new possibilities for using used products as raw materials for re-use. The exhibition presents unique works, each telling its own story, reflecting not only the designer's talent and vision but also the spirit of upcycling and the environment. The projects presented at the exhibition break the pattern of thinking about the purpose of skis and provoke reflection on the responsibility of the manufacturer and the user for the product.


On June 28th, 2023, the jury selected the winning projects of the 2nd edition of the Skis Re//Defined contest. Thirty-four submitted designs met the competition's requirements. The jury qualified eleven designs for the contest's second stage, in which the selected projects had to be brought to life.

The winning project of our Skis Re//Defined contest is
"NOCNY ZJAZD" by Jakub Horosz:

The design of this tripod lamp is inspired by the diverse forms of flowers. The three lampshades take on variations of the flower calyx shape. The lamp tripod represents a stem-like element, crowned with these distinctive calyx shapes. In the spirit of upcycling, the implementation incorporates not only skis but also a disassembled wooden turntable as a structural element of the lamp tripod.

Apart from the main prize, two works received honorable mentions in the Skis Re//Defined contest:


The ergonomic kitchen toy by Julia Michalak.


Project that combines a playpen and a scratching post by Anna Naliwajek.

The second edition of the contest concluded with an exhibition titled "Skis Upcycling. Creative Transformation." The eleven best contest works were showcased at the exhibition accompanying the Gdynia Design Days festival at Konsulat Kultury in Gdynia. Until the end of August 2023, the audience visiting the exhibition could vote for the best project. The Audience Award goes to "WASTE SEGREGATION BINS" by Natalia Biernat. Congratulations!

"WASTE SEGREGATION BINS" is a set of three waste segregation bins that can be used in public spaces. Each of bins has its own form that suggests the type of waste for which it is intended; square - paper, round - glass, hexagonal - plastic. The design is structurally and visually coherent. Thanks to its form, it fits perfectly into urban spaces but could equally well be used on mountain trails.

Congratulations to all participants and winners. Thank you for your commitment and contribution to the idea of ​​upcycling. Your creativity is limitless! We are looking forward for the next edition.