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On July 1, 2022, the 1st edition of our Skis Re//Defined Contest for a utility design ended. Through the contest, we want to draw the attention of ski users to the idea of upcycling. And to demonstrate that it is worth taking measures to reduce various products' environmental impact. The participants' task was to design a utility item made of used skis with the least possible use of other materials.

The Selection Board consisted of Filip Ludka, Megi Malinowska and Tomek Kempa, the team that created the Tabanda furniture brand; Ewa Chudecka – manager of PPNT Gdynia | The Centre of Design and the venue of Gdynia Design Days festival and Krzysztof Ostrowski – animator, draughtsman, comic book creator.

There were twenty-three submitted designs that met the requirements of the competition. All of them aroused the jury's admiration and their authors understood the idea of upcycling perfectly. The Selection Board qualified seven designs to the second stage of the competition. All projects were built by the Participants and happily reached our headquarters in Gdynia. The Selection Board had a very difficult task to evaluate the structures in terms of usability, quality and aesthetics of the workmanship, and the amount of use of the worn materials. The designers took their task seriously and put a lot of work into its implementation. For some projects, we also received a beautiful and well-thought graphic identification and assembly instructions.

The jury awarded the main prize to:

Beata Nikolajczyk-Miniak's "Pałatka" design. The author designed and, using skis, built an object for children in which they can play and hide. The design has been thought out comprehensively, and in addition to used skis, other worn objects such as a bicycle wheel rim or climbing ropes were used in it. The skis are not only a structural element of this design, but they also apply to the project's creative aspect – the skis' slides were used as a chalkboard. A place - base that every child dreams of.

The projects that were also awarded:

"KAWASKI" by Blanka Gluzińska-Tatar – a c-shaped auxiliary table, which will be perfect for any space. Perfect for putting away your coffee or other favourite drink during a winter evening by the fireplace, especially after skiing fun.

"Półki ścienne" by Michalina Czepukojć – a hanging or standing construction made of skis based on a triangular metal frame. The shelves can be used in many ways, in any space of a modern interior. Ideal for books, plants, or collectibles.

Due to the high quality of all implemented projects, their utility values and extraordinary diligence in execution, the Selection Board has also decided to present the four not awarded designs to the public.

At the post-competition exhibition accompanying the Gdynia Design Days festival, in the space of the Dasea People store in Gdynia, you could also have seen:

"SANsKI" by Anna Gluzińska-Nasternak - a classic sled made of skis, wood and a worn-out climbing rope. Perfect for winter fun in the snow for children and adults.

"Wieszak na ubrania" by Johannes Utri - whole skis were used in this piece of furniture. The design uses the flexibility of the skis and the characteristic gaps at their ends that create a slot for the bar on which we can hang clothes. Extending the rod beyond the skis creates space for hanging accessories such as bags or hats. 

"YokO" by Blanka Gluzińska-Tatar - a picnic table for pre-school and early school-age children. It can serve in public and private spaces, and it encourages children to spend time together and integrate outdoors.

"TrOtuaR" by Blanka Gluzińska-Tatar - modular outdoor panels used to arrange paths and designate places for well-known and liked team games. The panels are additionally secured with an anti-slip tape for safety.

The excellent reception of the competition and the large number of submitted, compelling designs are the basis for us to announce that the 2nd Edition of the Skis Re//Defined Contest will take place in 2023.

By organizing the Contest, we want to encourage our customers not to throw away skis that are no longer suitable for use but to hand them over to artists and designers for reuse through our brand.

We would like to thank all the Participants of the 1st Edition of the Skis Re//Defined Contest for their involvement and congratulations to the awarded designers!