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Skis 4 Trees

At Majesty we stay closely connected with nature, which is why we pay special attention to the natural environment and its green areas that are shrinking at an alarming rate. That's why we've launched the 'SKIS4TREES' project, where for every pair of skis you buy, we plant a tree on your behalf.

At Majesty, we care for trees because they are not only the metaphorical lungs of the planet but also the true hearts of our skis. Their cores are entirely made of wood for the best flex and maximum durability. We use a combination of the highest quality FSC-certified poplar and ash wood for the production of our skis. A pair of Majesty skis typically takes 0.09m3 of carefully selected, high-quality wood to make. It means that numerous pairs of skis can be made from just one tree. The amount of wood in cubic meters can be calculated by multiplying the length, width and depth of a woodpile.

According to the universal formula, one cubic meter of wood (including empty spaces) equals 0.65 cubic meters [m3].
Thus, one meter of wood can produce an average of 7 pairs of skis, and this amount depends on the type of wood and the ski production technology.

We want "SKIS4TREES" to be a project that inspires all skiers to care for the environment. We realize this action is only a small step in building ecological awareness, but we know it is worth doing. We ensure that every tree we plant on your behalf is planted following the available regulations and knowledge about the environment. We understand how important it is to maintain biodiversity, plant trees of native species, grow them in natural conditions and observe the correct planting dates.

If you buy Majesty skis, you have your share in the "SKIS4TREES" project because we will plant a tree on your behalf.
More information on how we act to support environmental protection can be found here: