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For the 2023 season we added titanal reinforced, performance freeride skis to our hardgoods collection.

These are technical, high performance, freeride skis that were built for speed, stability, responsiveness, seamless power transmission and overall strong edge-to-edge skiing. At this level of skiing, you know exactly what you need. You're looking for a stiff, stable, directional freeride platform that can handle whatever you throw its way.

Titanal is an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that offers low weight, high strength, durability and also reduces vibration. Titanal’s tensile strength and elongation limits are superior to other alloys.

Titanal reinforced freeride skis are built for high performance all-terrain skiing.

  • designed to be mounted with alpine bindings
  • very stable and comfortable
  • very good vibration damping due to uneven terrain and hard ground
  • very lightweight compared to their competitors
  • heavy duty construction
Our freeride range is equipped with contour-shaped titanal layer.

Freeride Ti range (Havoc, Vadera, Vanguard) utilizes our revolutionary 4x4 Design Concept (4Radius sidecut x 4Radius rocker) which greatly enhances stability and provides superior turn control at both high and low speed. Built with big mountain lines in mind, the Havoc's shape enhanced by the 4Radius sidecut gives you the functionality of quick and maneuverable skis even in tight spaces. It all adds up to a ski meant to be as enjoyable day-in and day-out, no matter what type of terrain lies ahead.

*In parallel, their lighter, carbon siblings feature new topsheet designs and colors. Their carbon siblings are built for skiers who enjoy skiing uphill as much as skiing big, steep lines in the backcountry.

In our range, there are already titanal reinforced skis:

Adventure GT Ti skis are equipped with titanal core socket for precision and stability and awesome edge-hold.

Adventure GT Ti

(Resort Range)
€ 599.00

Adventure GT Ti skis were built to boost your all-mountain skiing sensations. They are rock solid for short and long turns and can handle high levels of speed.

GTX Ti Limited skis were equipped with full titanal layer integrated on the whole length of the ski for quick turn initiation and enhanced grip.

GTX White

(Limited Range)
€ 799.00

GTX Black

(Limited Range)
€ 799.00

GTX Ti Limited skis were specially developed for Japanese market and were built to deliver speed and precision. Our goal was to build ski that has great power transmission and performs exceptionally well in fast turns.