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A multi-purpose touring ski to handle diverse conditions, fresh tracks and steep technical lines.

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AVAILABLE LENGTHS148 cm154 cm160 cm166 cm172 cm178 cm184 cm
WEIGHT1100-1600 g
DESIGNED FORtouring, skimo

As the days grow longer and spring is knocking at the door, your sights have been set on bigger objectives. Gone are the cold, dark days of hunting soft snow in the local haunts.

You're now looking farther at ten-hour days. To some, it may seem foolish. But you've got plans - you want to walk farther and see the sunrise over the valley floor. You don't back away when the term involved is used to describe an objective. Enter the Superwolf experience. With a versatile 91mm waist, rocker tips, subtly arched tails and long effective edge, this lightweight touring ski is designed for the alpine vagabonds like you. Reliable and quick through the choke while maintaining power to drive turns through the apron. It's the ski mountaineering ski you've been waiting for. There's a whole world out there ready and waiting, and with the Superwolf on your feet, it's time to start exploring. Equipped with a semi-cap topsheet, paulownia wood core, triax and biax fiberglass this is a high-performance mountaineering ski with long contact edges for enhanced usability and superior control. Its optimized construction and radius improve stability for high-speed downhills and maneuverability in tight places.

The crisp and vivid look of our new touring range is inspired by the CMYK standard. The Superwolf has a flashy cyan color spiced with SKAND A21 metallic finish.



  • Constructionsemi hybrid (camber/front rocker)
  • Shapedirectional
  • Flexdirectional
  • Flex ratio7
  • Rocker type220mm (tips)
  • Fiberglasstriax & biax
  • Corepaulownia wood core
  • Basefast base IS7200
  • Extrasarched tails, textolite plates, tail designed for mounting skins

Size chart

Length 148 cmSidecut 126-89-106 mmRadius 13 mWeight 1100 gBoot shell lenght
Length 154 cmSidecut 127-90-107 mmRadius 14 mWeight 1120 gBoot shell lenght
Length 160 cmSidecut 128-91-108 mmRadius 15 mWeight 1280 gBoot shell lenght
Length 166 cmSidecut 129-91-109 mmRadius 16 mWeight 1360 gBoot shell lenght
Length 172 cmSidecut 130-91-110 mmRadius 17 mWeight 1430 gBoot shell lenght
Length 178 cmSidecut 131-91-111 mmRadius 18 mWeight 1520 gBoot shell lenght
Length 184 cmSidecut 132-91-112 mmRadius 19 mWeight 1600 gBoot shell lenght
* We recommend using our touring skis with light tech bindings. We do not recommend using alpine bindings nor telemark bindings in our touring range.