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Vertical Skins (Smart Glue)

Perfect grip and ideal climbing properties – for high peaks and low temperatures! Vertical skins are made with robust mix mohair and aramid fibres that feature high abrasion resistance. This combination provides perfect grip and make the skin extremely durable. 

Fiberseal Technology supports waterproof skin structure and prevents water absorption. Thanks to this technology Vertical skins are perfect for long ski tours in various snow condition.

The Smart Glue is designed especially for low temperatures and provides grip even at freezing temperatures due to its excellent adhesive power. It is extremely convenient for every day use and guarantees easy removal of the skins.

Smart glue sticks to your ski completely without glue, does not require a separating foil and allows easy cleaning of the adhesive surfaces.

The last but not the least - flexible fastening system and accurately sealed, laser cut edges assure the perfect fit.

*to guarantee a perfect functionality, skins dedicated for Vanguard are equipped with special tail clip suitable for twin tip skis.

Skins come precut for following skis








  • Material: 65% Mohair, 35% Nylon
  • Vertical Mixmohair
  • New Smart Glue
  • Waterproof skin construction
  • High-precision laser cutting
  • Application range up to -30°C
  • K-Clip spring back attachment (Vanguard - Butterfly spring back attachment)
  • Easy length adjustment with elastic strap
  • Plastic parts made of the top-quality materials
  • Stainless steel tip attachment