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GTX Black

Hi-performance on piste skis.

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AVAILABLE LENGTHS155cm165cm175cm

GTX Limited skis were specially developed for Japanese market and were built to deliver speed and precision.

Our goal was to build ski that has great power transmission and performs exceptionally well in fast turns. To support increased rigidity, torsion and fast response, GTX skis were equipped with titanal metal plate inserted on the whole length of the ski

GTX skis are marked out by fast initiation of the turn and enhanced grip. At the same time, long effective edge supports precision, stability and awesome edge-hold. They are built with heavy duty sandwich construction, sturdy corrund topsheet, aluminium tails and tip protectors.

Skis have been tested by experts in Japan and Austria and come as a limited edition for those skiers who are looking for design and performance.

Size chart

Length 155cmSidecut 125-74-106mmRadius 11,7mWeight
Length 165cmSidecut 125-74-106mmRadius 13,5mWeight 1690g
Length 175cmSidecut 125-74-106mmRadius 15,4mWeight