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Vesper skis have soft and forgiving flex, they are also lightweight and responsive thanks to poplar and ash woodcore.

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AVAILABLE LENGTHS150 cm160 cm166 cm171 cm
WEIGHT1270-1500 g
DESIGNED FORfreestyle, park&pipe

While rocker supports effortless turn initiation and nose butters, camber construction delivers stability and perfect edge grip.

Semi-hybrid construction supports and absorbs the impacts of flat landings and choppy terrain. Vesper skis are directional freestyle skis that are fun, easy and comfortable to handle.

Additionally, they are equipped with semi-cap construction and durable corrund top sheet for improved performance and scratch resistance.



  • Constructionsemi hybrid (camber/front rocker)
  • Shapedirectional twin tip
  • Flexdirectional
  • Flex ratio6
  • Rocker type150mm (tips)
  • Fiberglasstriax + biax
  • Coretip-to-tail wood core (poplar & ash)
  • Basefast base IS4400
  • Extrasdurable sturdy top sheet, semi cap construction

Size chart

Length 150 cmSidecut 122-90-113 mmRadius 14.5 mWeight 1270 gBoot shell lenght
Length 160 cmSidecut 122-90-113 mmRadius 16 mWeight 1400 gBoot shell lenght
Length 166 cmSidecut 122-90-113 mmRadius 17.5 mWeight 1450 gBoot shell lenght
Length 171 cmSidecut 122-90-113 mmRadius 19 mWeight 1500 gBoot shell lenght