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Dirty Bear XL

The Dirty Bear XL is a successor of Dirty Bear - our most versatile and classic ski that combined the best of freeride and freestyle.

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AVAILABLE LENGTHS162 cm168 cm174 cm180 cm186 cm
WEIGHT1630-2000 g
DESIGNED FORbackcountry freestyle

Re-designed hybrid construction features a new camber-rocker line, tip&tails profiles and includes our 4Rx4R technology.

Dirty Bear XL skis are hybrid technology skis that deliver a perfect combo of float and all the benefits and ease of rocker design and the snappy suspension, and control of the camber. The new 4R sidecut makes turning easier, giving more confidence, stability and control on all types of terrain. New 4R rocker tip reduces drag, maximise control and top speed. Lively in powder and shock-absorbing in rough terrain or chewed-up conditions, the Dirty Bear XL is an absolute must-have for backcountry, deep powder and off-piste enthusiasts. Additionally, they are equipped with semi-cap construction, durable corrund top sheet for improved performance and scratch resistance. The top choice for backcountry powder action.



  • Constructionhybrid (4x4rocker/camber/4x4rocker)
  • Shapedirectional twin-tip
  • Flexdirectional
  • Flex ratio6
  • Rocker type240mm (tips&tails)
  • Fiberglasstriax & biax
  • Coretip-to-tail wood core (poplar & ash)
  • Basefast base IS7200
  • Extrasdurable sturdy corrund top sheet

Size chart

Length 162 cmSidecut 140-105-130 mmRadius 16 mWeight 1630 gBoot shell lenght
Length 168 cmSidecut 140-105-130 mmRadius 17 mWeight 1720 gBoot shell lenght
Length 174 cmSidecut 140-105-130 mmRadius 18.5 mWeight 1800 gBoot shell lenght
Length 180 cmSidecut 140-105-130 mmRadius 20 mWeight 1910 gBoot shell lenght
Length 186 cmSidecut 140-105-130 mmRadius 21 mWeight 2000 gBoot shell lenght