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testers choice 2022

Vanguard Ti

Titanal reinforced freeride powder skis that take big mountain skiing to the next level.

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AVAILABLE LENGTHS170 cm176 cm182 cm188 cm194 cm
WEIGHT1810-2480 g

Vanguard Ti are high performance, twin-tip freeride skis that deliver stability, responsiveness, great power transmission and fluidity for your edge-to-edge skiing.

Built for the most demanding freeriders and powder chasers, the Vanguard Ti’s 4Radius sidecut enables confident turns with improved stability and control in any terrain. The 4Radius rocker at the tips and tails enhances performance when surfing in powder while reducing drag, maximizing control and top speed. With a stable platform, carefully tuned profile thanks to the 4x4 technology, this 118-waisted freeride powder twin offers the stable platform you need to power through drops and blast through chop with confidence.

With a well-balanced progressive stance, you can tackle those booters and scoops like nothing before.



  • Constructionhybrid (4x4 front rocker/flat camber/4x4 rocker)
  • Shapedirectional twin tip
  • Flexdirectional
  • Flex ratio7
  • Rocker type240mm (tips & tails)
  • Fiberglasstriax/Ti
  • Corepoplar & ash
  • Basefast base IS7200
  • Extrasarched tails

Size chart

Length 170 cmSidecut 142-118-132 mmRadius 22 mWeight 1810 gBoot shell lenght
Length 176 cmSidecut 143-118-133 mmRadius 22 mWeight 1950 gBoot shell lenght
Length 182 cmSidecut 144-118-133 mmRadius 24 mWeight 2100 gBoot shell lenght
Length 188 cmSidecut 145-118-135 mmRadius 24 mWeight 2290 gBoot shell lenght
Length 194 cmSidecut 147-118-137 mmRadius 24 mWeight 2480 gBoot shell lenght