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Everyday freeride skis designed for Zakopane, Roldal or Chamonix.

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AVAILABLE LENGTHS166cm171cm176cm181cm186cm191cm
DESIGNED FORfreetouring, freeride
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blister recommended 2021backcountry editors choice 2021ski rando selecion 2022

Havoc’s lightweight construction combined with 4x4 design concept delivers incredible manoeuvrability while the unique combination of quadrax fiberglass, full carbon layup, carbon/aramid fibers and durable engineered wood core embraces high performance and just the right amount of 3D flex.

We have built lightweight freeride skis that support dynamic responsiveness and unmatched skiing stability even in the sketchiest weather and terrain conditions.

The new 4R sidecut makes turns easier, giving more confidence, stability and control on all types of terrain. New 4R rocker tip reduces drag, maximise control and top speed.

With Havoc, you can use the edge, keeping it engaged for longer and getting more out of the turn. You can do short sharp turns, long big mountain turns and release when needed.

Havoc is fast and at the same time very adaptive, it is smooth in turns no matter how fast you are going and no matter the conditions.

It’s a great technical everyday freeride ski.



  • Constructionsemi hybrid (4x4 front rocker/camber)
  • Shapedirectional
  • Flexdirectional
  • Flex ratio9
  • Rocker type240mm (tips)
  • Fiberglasstriax, quadrax, full biax carbon layup
  • Corepaulownia wood core with poplar inserts
  • Basefast base IS7200
  • Extrasarched tails, carbon/kevlar fibres, textolite plates, re-designed tail for mounting skins

Size chart

Length 166cmSidecut 138-110-124mmRadius 21mWeight 1570g
Length 171cmSidecut 139-110-125mmRadius 21mWeight 1630g
Length 176cmSidecut 140-110-125mmRadius 21mWeight 1680g
Length 181cmSidecut 141-110-126mmRadius 23mWeight 1800g
Length 186cmSidecut 143-110-127mmRadius 23mWeight 1850g
Length 191cmSidecut 144-110-128mmRadius 23mWeight 1950g

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Havoc in action