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Majesty R13 Evo

Majesty R13 Evo goes well with

Hi-end free-touring binding with revolutionary toe piece which features adjustable release values.

Majesty R13 is light (370 grams) and futuristic binding offering outstanding performance and provides perfect adaptability to individual skiing style.

It features an easy and solid step-in system, incredible torsional stiffness and is constructed with an implementation of several patented systems that significantly increase functionality and performance.

R13 is a reliable, robust, cnc-machined tool that gives the highest skiing performance even in the most extreme conditions.

A new heel piece is fitted with an automatic ski brake and replaces the manual push button mechanism, now activated by rotating the head of the heel piece. Fully-adjustable Freeride Spacer is available as an accessory and supplies precision and power transmission that were previously reserved only for racing alpine bindings. Majesty R13 is supplied in cooperation with ATK.


  • Easy Entry System®: new geometry of the toe-part elements that makes the step-in easy and confident with any tech boot available on the market.
  • Snowpack Proof System®: prevents blocking the toe part with snow and ice, even with several uphill/downhill transitions.
  • U.H.V.® System (Up-hill Hardness Variator): allows to change the up-hill locking strength of the toe part; provides a proper locking strength for each user and reduces the pressure on the locking mechanism.
  • Cam Release System®: exclusive system that provides the most stable downhill performance, extremely precise release and the softest heel step-in.
  • Elastic Response System®: system applied to the heel part of the binding to support the natural ski flex and reduce the pressure on the ski-boot-binding system. ERS® supports reliability while skiing in various terrain and minimises the risk of self-release caused by compression or bending the ski. Last but not least, it improves the binding release performance.
  • Magneto Heel Flaps® provides 5 different walking modes.
  • Built-in crampons slots
  • 25 mm Adjustment Plate integrated in the heel part
  • The release system on the heel part provides 5 to 12 adjustment range, both lateral (Mz) and vertical (My)
  • Elastic slide-pad that is integrated in the ski-brake to keep the lateral release value of the binding fixed.
  • Release Adjustment Toe Piece®: The new toe part features adjustable release settings and combined with the heel piece it delivers top class stability.
  • Automatic Brake System®: The mechanism is automatically set by switching from ascent to descent mode, the skibrake is activated without any further action.