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Adventure W

All-mountain skis for exploring the entire mountain.

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AVAILABLE LENGTHS146 cm154 cm162 cm170 cm
WEIGHT1215-1480 g
DESIGNED FORall-mountain

Adventure W are a top-performer on groomed snow. Poplar and ash wooden ski core offers liveliness and responsiveness. The women specific flex pattern of the ski gives it a nimble feel.

Auto-rockered tip makes it easy to initiate and drive into each turn.

We have introduced semi-cap construction for increased durability and flex distribution.

Adventure W skis are lightweight, easy to handle and deliver sharp, precise turns.



  • Constructionhybrid (auto rocker/camber)
  • Shapedirectional
  • Flexdirectional
  • Flex ratio5
  • Fiberglasstriax
  • Coretip-to-tail wood core (poplar & ash)
  • Basefast base IS7200
  • Extrasprotective gum zones, durable sturdy brushed top sheet

Size chart

Length 146 cmSidecut 121-83-101 mmRadius 13 mWeight 1215 gBoot shell lenght
Length 154 cmSidecut 122-84-102 mmRadius 14 mWeight 1300 gBoot shell lenght
Length 162 cmSidecut 123-84-103 mmRadius 15 mWeight 1390 gBoot shell lenght
Length 170 cmSidecut 124-85-104 mmRadius 16 mWeight 1480 gBoot shell lenght