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Freeride Ti 2p

WEIGHT: 277g

Powerful and reliable freeride poles made of durable, high-strength titanium alloy. They are built for freeride and freetouring and offer reliability and multiply grip options for skiing in different terrain.

The extra long grip zone provides quick and effortless movement in the backcountry without the need of re-adjusting pole length. Robust and durable freeride pole with the extended thermo-grip zone and functionality of a touring pole.

High-strength lower shaft offers superior performance. The extended thermo-grip zone provides an incredible grip feeling and flexibility at steep slopes.

Available snow rings

Powerlock 3.0

The strongest quick lock made of forged aluminium – a locking system recommended for ski-alpinism, easy to adjust the pole length.

Quick Release system

Freeride skipoles are equipped with the new, wide and comfortable freeride strap. It is additionally upgraded with quick-release system when immediate reaction is necessary.


  • thick 18mm upper tube for extra rigidity
  • thinner 16mm lower shaft for a lighter and better balanced ski pole, with reduced swing effect and wind gust resistance
  • maximum length: 140cm
  • minimal length: 99cm
  • printed size indication: 110-140cm
  • race grip with round head handle and extended thermo grip zone
  • carbide tip
  • 105 mm vario snow baskets
  • new wide and comfortable freeride strap with quick-release system when immediate reaction is necessary
  • stylish matt finishing
  • Powerlock 3.0 – strongest quick locking system made of forged aluminium