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Here at MAJESTY, we want to re//define the way you think about skiing and the products you use.

Let’s start with the basics and ask: why do we ski?

Skiing is a mountain activity, it’s a sport that has many different styles but in reality, it all comes to the same thing - SKIING. Skiing creates opportunities for people to be closer with nature, to explore and enjoy it in many ways. This is why, here at MAJESTY we feel such close connection with the term “adventure skiing”. We feel that skiing should not be complicated or segmented by different definitions. After all, we ski for fun, so let’s start thinking outside the box and re//define skiing.

Freeriding is a style of skiing that is performed on natural terrain, without a set course, goals or rules. It evolved throughout the early years of skiing as a contrary response to the traditional competition race skiing. Over time, freeriding became very popular and, in many ways, it’s been used as a promotion for the whole ski industry. Freeriding or freeride skiing is often referred to as backcountry, off-piste, all-terrain or big mountain skiing and a multitude of ski designs were developed for the same experience. Our goal is to re//define freeride skiing.

Freeride skiing gives us the freedom to make the most of whatever terrain formation comes our way. As freeriders, we choose adventure and freedom over any terrain boundaries or equipment limitations. You only need one pair of skis in your quiver that can replace a garage full of overly specialized gear. One pair of skis that works in all conditions - hardpack, soft, icy, wet, crud or powder. You don’t need to swap your skis because you want to ski different terrain later in the day. You don’t need to buy different skis for different types of bindings. You want to choose just one pair of skis to be your freeride skis. Period.

Why Freeride Re//Defined?

I want to experience adventure skiing that is not limited by any boundaries. I need one pair of skis that perform in all snow conditions. What I'm looking for is dynamic responsiveness and unmatched skiing ability even in the sketchiest weather and terrain. I want ultra-lightweight performance and versatility that encourages me to push harder and go farther.

This is why we have launched our new solution and have equipped our new freeride skis with the 4x4 design concept. /4-radius sidecut and 4-radius rocker/ The 4Radius sidecut is the result of applying 4 different radiuis to the sidecut of the ski. This solution enabled us to extend the contact edge without sacrificing agility. The new 4Radius sidecut makes turns easier, enhances confidence, stability and control in all types of terrain. It enables you to feel the entire length of the ski, which gives you much more control. You can use the edge more effectively, keep it engaged longer and get more out of each turn. You can make short sharp turns, long big-mountain turns and you can release when needed. With our new skis you can literally squeeze each turn exactly when you need it. The 4Radius rocker is the result of applying 4 different radii to the rocker line. The new 4Radius rocker tip reduces drag, maximizes control and top speed.

The 4x4 design concept was launched with the Havoc – our directional freeride skis, the Vadera - women specific alternation of the Havoc and the Vanguard – our double rocker/flat camber skis. Whatever model you choose, you will feel the same sensational flawless performance. You can now re//define your goals and experience the future of high performance technical freeride skis. One pair to do it all.

Why Touring Re//Defined?

Ski touring is skiing in the backcountry in unmarked areas and it combines elements of alpine skiing and randonnée. The defining characteristic is that the skier's heels are "free" or not bound to the skis, in order to allow natural gliding motion while traversing and ascending terrain that may range from perfectly flat to extremely steep. Alpine Touring (AT) or randonnée equipment is designed specifically for ski touring in steep terrain. A special alpine touring binding, otherwise very similar to a downhill binding, allows the heel to be raised for ease in ascending but locked down for full support when skiing downhill. Ski touring has been adopted by skiers seeking new snow, by alpinists and by those wishing to avoid traditional alpine skiing at resorts.

For years, many ski-tourers have been sacrificing skiing performance for lightweight and easy ascend. There is a perception that touring is something different than skiing, which is why some people have accepted the fact that the product they use for touring is just a substitute for their daily skis. On the other hand some alpine skiers accustomed to performance who tried touring, were surprised how different it is to ski on touring skis. They were happy about the idea but didn't want to accept that they had to sacrifice performance. We took a deep look at the touring market and re//defined it.

With our new touring range for 2022/23 we applied years of know-how and experience gained from the development of the unique and revolutionary shape, profile and construction of our Supernova skis. We are bringing something completely fresh and new to the market. With our new touring range, we are delivering high performance touring products for skiers who refuse to sacrifice performance for lightweight and vice versa. Product differentiation and specialization is still a very important factor for MAJESTY as we want to offer the right selection of products as not every ski-tourer is looking for the same type of skis.

Touring is about weight conscious approach, all-around performance and high quality skiing in diverse terrain. Using the whole length of the contact edge enhances grip, control and drive in the turns. No matter where you ski, you will feel the same great sensation. The shape and profile of the camber enables perfect responsiveness, great power transmission and smooth edge-to-edge ride. You can now choose the right tool for your touring style that is differentiated by construction and technical features that provide the best possible solution for touring, skimountaneering and freetouring. You can now re//define your goals and experience the future of high performance, technical touring skis. No sacrifices.

Why Freeski Re//Defined?

When it all started, back in 2007, our freeski range was the foundation of MAJESTY’s entire ski collection. The Dirty Bear was our first ski design and also became our most popular product over time as it combined the most desirable design and performance attributes of both freestyle and freeride skis. During the past 15 years, MAJESTY’s collection has evolved and grown, it became more technologically advanced and specialized. Among all of the new products that were developed and added to the collection over the years, the Dirty Bear was a milestone, an icon and most of all - a classic.

MAJESTY’s new freeski range that is launching for the 2022/23 season utilizes all of our know-how and experience gained during the development of our specialized ski categories. We’ve integrated the most successful constructions and design principles into building unique, hi-performance and durable freeski products for all types of snow conditions and terrain preferences. The new freeski range was redefined by a full spectrum of technical solutions that are going to transform your favorite mountain into a natural freeski playground.

In the freeski world, product differentiation and specialization are very important because not every freeskier is looking for the same type of skis. This is very evident within our all new freeski range e.g., the new Dirty Bear Pro features a classic radius profile that is desired by the most demanding freestylers. The new Vandal’s 4Radius sidecut delivers the best all-round performance, while the all-new Dirty Bear XL goes even further and utilizes our new 4x4 design concept (4Radius sidecut and 4Radius rocker profiles) for the versatility you need in the backcountry.

With our new freeski collection, MAJESTY is bringing something completely new and fresh to the market – a re//defined freeski range that is hi-performing, durable, versatile and fun. We are incredibly stoked about the outcome. Let’s ski!

Why All-mountain Re//Defined?

Experience skiing in a whole new light: Skiing isn't just a sport – it's a lifestyle, a culture, a design, and a whole lot of adventure. It's about freedom and pushing your limits while having a blast. Introducing your ultimate All-Mountain sidekick: Say hello to the all-mountain skis that get you. No sticking to one style or terrain – these skis are your go-to for anything and everything. From cold winter trips to spring shredding, from groomed slopes to powder, MAJESTY all-mountain skis are ready to rock it all.

All-mountain skis are directional skis designed to perform well in a wide range of snow conditions, anywhere on the mountain. As skis designed to handle everything that the mountain has to offer, all-mountain skis excel on groomed ski runs, but also work off-piste. The dimensions of an all-mountain ski vary between 85-100 mm in width with a combination of rocker in the tips and camber underfoot. This makes the skis in this category very versatile and comfortable in the full range of conditions.

Choose a ski that fits your personal preferences within the category - a narrower waist width for groomers and something wider for those days when you want to float in the occasional fresh snow. The moderate flex pattern will give you more maneuverability and a lot of energy between turns. Stiffer skis will be stable at speeds and mute out the inconsistencies in the snow. As all-mountain skis are designed for the ski resort, you will have lots of fun on groomed runs, but also on those days when you need great all-rounder for skiing in fresh snow.

These all-mountain skis are your ticket to ride in all conditions. Carve up groomers or own it on a powder day. Rethink your whole skiing game – and guess what? This is just the start of your epic adventure.