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Tips for mounting bindings.

A qualified ski technician should always mount bindings. For mounting bindings it is necessary to use templates suggested by binding manufacturers or the paper template that comes with a new binding. MAJESTY recommends using 3.5mm x 9mm drill bit. Ski drill bits have a built-in collar to drill the holes to a specific depth. The type of binding you have may determine the size of the drill. We strongly advise to make sure the screws are not too long. Improperly installed bindings can cause injuries. Improper installation may also void the warranty.

Recommended stance

There one point indicated on all MAJESTY skis:

RECOMMENDED STANCE – recommended mounting point

While the type of binding mostly affects the performance, the place of mounting the binding on the ski also makes a difference. Determining model and construction of our skis, the kind of terrain and snow conditions they will be skied on, we have applied corresponding recommended stances to MAJESTY skis. If you plan to make your own settings, please note that rockered/hybrid skis have different riding performance than classic camber skis. Mounting bindings on recommended stance is crucial for skiing performance.


Mounting point should match the centre line in the middle of your ski boots. To make sure you get your bindings set up in the most convenient way, it is a good idea to take all measurements first and then give the exact binding location to the service/shop. Also, remember there is a difference between the size of the insole and the size of the boot.