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High quality apparel for a variety of uses. Perfect for the mountains and beyond. Explore our selection of colorful softshell hoodies, comfy base layers and special cut cotton après-ski products. We built our products ourselves, with our own cuts, styles and printing methods. The product has always the same feel, fit and construction.

Meet the Apparel

Fleece Anoraks

Fleece Anorak Black

Fleece Anorak Camo

Fleece Anorak White


Anorak Blue

Anorak Red

Shadow Black/Red

Shadow Black/Purple

Base Layers

Surface Men Top Black/Green

Surface Men Top Black/Graphite

Surface Men Pants Black/Green

Surface Men Pants Black/Graphite

Surface Ladies Top Black/Coral

Surface Ladies Top Black/Purple

Surface Ladies Pants Black/Coral

Surface Ladies Pants Black/Purple

Zipped Hooodies

Super Zip Hoodie Graphite

Super Zip Hoodie Gray

Logo Zip Hoodie Black

Logo Zip Hoodie Grey

Tall Hooodies

Havoc Hoodie Black

Havoc Hoodie Gray

Vadera Hoodie Black

Vadera Hoodie Powder Pink

Classic Hooodies

Classic Hoodie Vandal

Classic Hoodie Bear

Classic Ladies Hoodie Vesper

Classic Ladies Hoodie Vestal

Logo Classic Hoodie Black


Super T-Shirt Graphite

Super T-Shirt Grey

Havoc T-Shirt Black

Havoc T-Shirt Grey

Vanguard T-Shirt Black

Vadera T-Shirt Black

Vadera T-Shirt Powder Pink

Logo T-Shirt Black

Logo T-Shirt Grey

Classic T-Shirt Vandal

Classic T-Shirt Bear

Classic Ladies T-Shirt Vesper

Classic Ladies T-Shirt Vestal