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Majesty is a technology oriented, design driven, truly independent ski company.

We design and build premium ski equipment for all your winter adventures.

We named our 2020/21 collection Skiing Re//Defined and it is our most innovative collection to date.

Our skis are born in the High Tatra Mountains in southern Poland where backcountry-touring, freeride and freeskiing are some of the elements of the air we breathe. With our passion for modern, sustainable ski building and great customer value, we believe that our freeride DNA makes skiing more exciting. We are in constant pursuit of ski technology innovation and design excellence. We represent a unique blend of art, design, engineering and sport performance. We achieve this through our complete creative freedom and attention to detail that we incorporate into all of our products. We are proud that our skis are tested and enjoyed by top freeskiers and ski adventurers around the globe.

Majesty was founded in 2007. From the beginning we wanted to create a brand that would build innovative products and have a transformative impact on the ski industry. At Majesty Skis we believe that skiing is a lifestyle. Majesty is driven by skiers who push ski design innovation that is rooted in our passion for building top performing and great looking products. Our skis are for everyone who's been searching for a serious brand with a cool story. We think globally and act locally. Majesty is the brand that pioneered the 4x4 Design Concept, Elliptical Rocker Design, 2D Hybrid Technology and Skis4Trees Project which is our environmental sustainability pledge. Here at Majesty we all stand for excellent craftsmanship, quality of design and emphasise the detailed finish and finesse that we add to all our products. We use only the most advanced technology and manufacturing process that together with top quality materials guarantee the highest standard of our products.

Majesty. Skiing Re//Defined.